About Us

Who we are (1)

Who We Are?

The company headquarters is located in Hongqiao North economic Circle, excellent geographical location, radiation coverage of the world. The company pays special attention to the mining and training of talents. There are more than 200 employees, and the departments are: General Manager Office, Planning Department, Product Research and Development Department, Quality Inspection Department, Finance department, Purchasing department, customer service department, after-sales department, domestic Channel Department, International Trade Department, Information Technology Department, New media Operation Department, E-commerce department, logistics center, etc. And set up more than 30 central warehouse and hundreds of chain stores in the country, committed to become the leader in the comprehensive service of automobile aftermarket.

What We Do?

SNEIK brand was founded in 2009, is the first domestic product integration, research and development, production, sales of four dimensions of the auto parts supply chain integration service provider. To implement the product development concept of "original quality, safe choice", fully participate in the management and optimization of the product supply chain. Adhere to the three principles of high precision development and design, high quality material application, high standard product processing. Products cover engine transmission system, braking system, chassis system, electric spray system, light source system, lubrication system, filtration system, maintenance supplies, installation tools and other nine categories, product specifications up to 20000+, covering more than 95% of the market models.

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Corporate Culture

Our Mission

Always in strict accordance with the original factory standards to provide high quality products, enabling repair plant, service to the public.

Our Vision

Let all the repair factory and owner maintenance, the first choice is Schnike.

Our Core Values

Help customers to bring value, believe that hands can change fate, serious life, happy work.

What We Pursue

Shanghai Hongyu Trading Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of integrity, responsibility and win-win. It drives the R&D process according to customer needs and continuously innovates in technology, product solutions and business management to be the best partner in the auto parts industry.

Why Choose Us

Efficient supply chain

To break the supply barrier, independent brands, international brands as a supplement, to provide dealers with a wide range of models of products, and the headquarters has a strong purchasing ability, rapid product update, unified purchase and marketing, reduce intermediate links, convenient supply, reduce operating costs, enhance franchisee profit.

Intelligent management system

The company and domestic well-known IT companies cooperate to establish a set of perfect information management system, including product procurement, logistics distribution, commodity management, sales management, profit analysis, customer management and other functions, so that you can conveniently achieve IT management.

Brand product promotion

The company has made specific plans for brand promotion, and has rich media resources, including TV, radio, communications, professional magazines and network media, which can rapidly expand its popularity in the regional market. Schnike provides strong brand endorsement to build consumer confidence for users.

Professional operation support

Provide franchisees with professional planning and support for a series of promotional activities from site selection to store decoration, personnel, product display, opening and explosive product support, so as to enable franchisees to realize opening and profit.

Marketing planning support

The company's perfect chain standardization system can provide franchise with a series of personal services from location construction, opening activities, product distribution, promotion to operation management, customer service, personnel training, business analysis, profit improvement and so on, so that the store operation is no longer laborious, and help franchisees easily realize systematic management.

Comprehensive operation training

The company has a perfect training system 5T structure, set up a chain operation training college, franchisees can get shop opening, products, store operation, management, store manager, sales skills, customer service and other systems of training; At the same time, franchisees can also put forward training needs according to store conditions. The college will conduct targeted training according to specific needs, improve the level of store operation and management, and gain more profits.

Special team support

The company's perfect supervision system, professional store patrol supervisors will regularly inspect the store, find the store operation problems will give timely guidance, quickly solve the problems encountered by franchisees, achieve sustainable profit.

Major Events Of Enterprise

  • 1998
  • 2004
  • 2006
  • 2009
  • 2012
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 1998
      • The team was initially established in 1998
      • Introduce advanced foreign technology and set foot in the field of automotive transmission belts.
  • 2004
      • Brand operation in 2004
      • Be a pioneer in the industry and take the lead in branding operations, creating the “Schneider” brand.
  • 2006
      • Scale expansion in 2006
      • Based in Shanghai and radiating across the country, it has successively established branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, etc.
  • 2009
      • Macro layout in 2009
      • From 2009 to 2020, more than 60 offices and hundreds of secondary distributors were established in various provincial capitals, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and first-tier cities, achieving full coverage in the mainland except for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.
  • 2012
      • 2012 product expansion
      • Extending from a single transmission belt to over 10000 single products in four categories: timing belt set, timing chain set, accessory set, and circulating water pump.
  • 2014
      • New brands in 2014
      • Schneider adheres to a sound channel protection policy and cannot meet the huge demand of the market. Therefore, the transmission system will be prepared to launch the new brand “Carl Daler” with equally stringent standards. Currently, more than 100 provincial and municipal level agents have been established throughout the country.
  • 2015
      • Internet in 2015+
      • The company established an e-commerce department and opened Tmall and JD flagship stores. Further improve the brand’s influence on terminals and car owners.
  • 2016
      • Customized services in 2016
      • To meet the personalized needs of different customers, the company has established a OEM business unit to provide OEM services to many well-known domestic enterprises and chain institutions.
  • 2017
      • Chain transformation in 2017
      • Based on existing distributors, gradually transform into hundreds of chain stores, unify VI image, and expand industry influence.
  • 2019
      • 2019 Project Extension
      • The addition of seven major categories, including braking systems, electronic injection systems, suspension systems, maintenance systems, filtration systems, lighting systems, and auxiliary tools, has laid a solid foundation for the company’s strategic transformation.
  • 2020
      • 2020 Strategic Transformation
      • “Channel sinking reduces intermediate links, and Schneider Auto Parts Mall is established with a business radius of 5 kilometers.”. Maximize service efficiency and product cost-effective with a business architecture of factories, central warehouses, shopping malls, and maintenance terminals. Currently, dozens of stores have been set up in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai.
  • 2021
      • 2021 Focus Terminal
      • As many capital factions pour into the automotive aftermarket, major platforms compete to compete in the terminal market. Taking Schneider Auto Parts Mall as a drag, “Schneider Car Care” is launched to further provide owners with an integrated, convenient, efficient, and economical high-quality car care experience.