BT058 Applicable model: Japanese Accord CB3/CB7/2.0L Model year 1990-1993 14510PT0002/11955-61V202/14400PT0004/13405PAAA01

Product Title: BT057

Applicable model: Japanese Accord CB3/CB7/2.0L

Model year 1990-1993

The timing belt is an important component of the engine’s valve distribution system, which is connected to the crankshaft and matched with a certain transmission ratio to ensure accurate intake and exhaust times. The use of belts instead of gears for transmission is due to their low noise, small self variation, and ease of compensation.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Importance of regular replacement of Timing belt kit: Timing Belt Kit is a complete set of automotive engine repair kits, including everything necessary to replace the timing belt, including tensioner, idler, timing belt, bolts, nuts, and washers. Regular replacement of these parts is crucial to ensure that your timing drive and engine are in perfect condition after maintenance. The timing belt is one of the most difficult components to operate in an engine. It must withstand extreme temperatures and pressures every day. Over time, the rubber in the belt will become brittle and the teeth will wear, causing the belt to slip or break. When this situation occurs, your engine will stop working and you will need to pay expensive maintenance costs.
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    The core introduction of the product:

    precise matching, durability, no abnormal noise, and reduced wear. It can meet the needs of a large number of users and enhance the market competitiveness of Schneider products, expand the coverage of product models, and help dealers and users more accurately adapt to vehicle models.

    Detailed introduction to product selling points, advantages, or features:
    Timing belt:

    1. Long service life, high reliability, compact structure, quiet sound.

    2. Rubber material has -40 ° to -140 °, extremely high tensile strength and length stability. (HNBR)

    3. Special canvas has extremely strong wear resistance, wear resistance, and cold resistance.

    4. The imported tension wire has high strength and long service life.

    5. Adopting international unified belt technology, with fine detail processing.
    Gear train: Tensioning gear train is a belt tensioning device used in automotive transmission systems, mainly composed of a fixed shell, tensioning arm, wheel body, torsion spring, rolling bearing, and spring sleeve. It can automatically adjust the tension according to different degrees of belt tightness, making the transmission system stable, safe, and reliable. Tensioning wheel is a vulnerable part of automotive and other spare parts. The belt is prone to elongation over time. Some tensioning wheels can automatically adjust the tension of the belt. In addition, with tensioning wheels, the belt runs more smoothly, has less noise, and can prevent slipping. Our gear train quality is stable, with annual after-sales quality issues of less than 1%. We have a large and comprehensive supply chain system, a professional and complete after-sales team, and a factory quality standard system that fully follows international standards.

    Item details:

    Timing Tensioning Wheel: A66002 OE: 14510PT0002 Scroll Spring Automatic 


    Timing idler gear: A68260 OE: 11955-61V202 fixed center hole


    Timing belt: 2112SP240 OE: 1440PAAA03 Tooth shape: SP width: 30mm Tooth number: 207 Made of high molecular rubber material (HNBR), its function is to maintain synchronous operation of the piston stroke, valve opening and closing, and ignition sequence when the engine is running, under the connection of timing.


    Timing belt: 070SP160 OE: 13405PAAA01 Tooth shape: SP width: 16mm Tooth number: 70 Made of polymer rubber material (HNBR)


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