GMSB-03 Auto Part Water Pump OE 9025153 Suitable for Cruze 2009-2016

The water pump is the driving force for the cooling water in the cooling system to circulate and flow, and the water tank is filled with cooling water, and the water inside is used for engine cooling (the engine cooling system is divided into large circulation and small circulation).

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1.This is an ordinary mechanical water pump; most engines currently use mechanical water pumps. The mechanical water pump is driven by the engine crankshaft through the outside (such as a transmission belt), and its speed is proportional to the speed of the engine. When the engine works under high-speed and heavy-load conditions, the engine generates a lot of heat, and the high speed of the water pump increases the circulation flow of the coolant, which just improves the cooling capacity of the engine. It can transfer the mechanical energy (rotation) to it from the engine. The energy generated) is transformed into the potential energy (ie lift) and kinetic energy (ie flow rate) of the liquid (water or antifreeze). Automotive water pumps are centrifugal pumps. Its function is to pump the coolant so that the coolant flows in the cooling channel of the engine to take away the heat generated when the engine is working and maintain the normal operating temperature of the engine. The most common failures of automobile engines, such as piston scuffing, detonation, internal leakage of cylinder punch, severe noise generated, acceleration power drop, etc., are all due to abnormal operating temperature, excessive pressure, and poor cooling system condition of the automobile engine And caused.

2. According to statistics, in the world, 20% of light-load engine failures come from cooling system failures, and 40% of heavy-load engine failures come from cooling system failures. Therefore, scientific and reasonable maintenance of cooling systems is very important for the normal operation of automobile engines.

3.There are five main parts of the water pump: housing, bearing, water seal, hub/pulley and impeller. There are also some other accessories, such as gaskets, O-rings, bolts, etc.

4. Water pump casing: The water pump casing is a foundation on which all other parts are installed and connected to the engine. It is generally made of cast iron or cast aluminum (casting and die-casting processes). It is also made of PM-7900 (dust resin. And cold-rolled steel material. This model is a gravity-cast aluminum shell.

5.Bearing: It is mainly responsible for power transmission. It is composed of several main parts such as mandrel, steel ball/roller, ferrule, cage, seal, etc. The pump shaft is supported on the water pump casing through the bearing ferrule. The bearing is a double row ball bearing (WB type).
Wheel hub: Many water pumps do not have pulleys, but have hubs. This type is a disc hub, and its material is ductile iron pulley/hub.
Impeller: The impeller is composed of a radial linear or arc-shaped blade and a body, and uses the rotational torque introduced by the bearing shaft to pump the coolant into the engine cooling system to circulate. The device that completes energy conversion, through rotation, accelerates the flow of liquid, completes the cooling and heating cycle of water or antifreeze, and achieves the purpose of engine cooling. This is a cold-rolled steel impeller.
The water seal is the sealing device of the water pump. Its function is to seal the coolant to avoid leakage, and at the same time isolate the coolant from the water pump bearing to protect the bearing. Its main working parts are the moving ring and the static ring. The static ring is fixed on the shell, and the moving ring rotates with the shaft. During the process, the dynamic and static rings rub against each other and must be kept sealed. The material of the dynamic ring is generally made of ceramics (common configuration) and silicon carbide (high configuration), and the static ring is generally made of graphite (common configuration) or carbon graphite (high configuration). ) Now our products are all made of carbon graphite high-quality materials.

Pump Installation

(1) Install the sealing rubber ring in place before installing the water pump

(2) After the water pump is installed, it is necessary to detect the horizontal and vertical gaps between the water inlet of the water pump and the joint of the cylinder head. A professional feeler gauge is used to detect the longitudinal gap between the water inlet of the pump and the cylinder head to ensure that it meets the requirements)

(3) The pump installation surface should be carefully cleaned and leveled

(4) When installing the water pump, the sealing rubber ring of the water pump should be wetted with coolant first. If sealant is required, care should be taken not to overapply

(5) When replacing the water pump, the cooling system should be cleaned, because impurities, rust and other foreign matter in the cooling system will cause scratches on the sealing surface of the water seal, resulting in leakage of the water pump

(6) Use high-quality coolant, do not fill used and low-quality coolant, because low-quality coolant or water lacks anti-corrosion protection agents, which will easily cause corrosion of the circulation system and water pump body, and will also accelerate the deterioration of the water seal Corrosion and aging will eventually lead to water pump leakage (add regular brand of antifreeze that meets national standards). It is recommended to use the company's supporting special antifreeze

(7) The tension force of the water pump belt must be appropriate, and must be operated in strict accordance with the adjustment specifications. If the tension force is too small, the belt will slip and cause noise, and in serious cases, the water pump will not work normally. Excessive tensioning of the belt will cause the bearing to overload and cause early damage, and even the bearing will break.

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