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Product Code: SNK-LO7003

OE: 04E115561A

Applicable model: 2013 Jetta New Santana

Year: 2013-

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The SNK-LO7003 oil filter uses high-quality materials and advanced production technology to ensure that it meets and exceeds OEM standards. With its excellent filtration capability, it effectively captures contaminants and impurities in the oil before it is circulated to the engine. SNK-LO7003 keeps engine oil clean and free of debris, maintaining optimal operating conditions and extending engine life.
The oil filter is designed for easy installation and is a direct replacement for OE filters. It fits perfectly into the case and comes with all the necessary parts for quick and easy installation. The SNK-LO7003 oil filter has an extended service life, which means you can enjoy maximum engine protection and best-in-class performance for longer.

The SNK-LO7003 oil filter is designed to meet the highest quality and durability standards. With its excellent filtration efficiency and rugged construction, this oil filter is ideal for owners who want to maintain the highest engine performance for many years. It ensures reduced maintenance costs due to damage caused by contaminated oil and provides more reliable engine starting performance.
Using the SNK-LO7003 oil filter is a cost-effective way to maintain a vehicle engine and keep it running smoothly. It's compatible with the rest of the 2013 Jetta's new Santana line, making it an excellent investment for car enthusiasts who want an oil filter that offers superior protection and performance.

In summary, the SNK-LO7003 oil filter is cost-effective, easy to install, long service life, high filtration efficiency, and guaranteed to be compatible with a variety of models. It is the ideal filter choice for Volkswagen owners. Watch out for their engines. Order the SNK-LO7003 oil filter today and experience the unparalleled benefits it brings to your car engine.

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