BYD061 Timing Belt Set


Application: BYDF6/2.0L YEAR:2005-

Product function: This product is a complete component package for automobile engine maintenance, including the tensioner, tensioner, idler and timing belt required for the timing drive system, as well as bolts, nuts, gaskets, etc. that should be replaced regularly Hardware to ensure that the timing drive system and engine are in ideal condition after maintenance.


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Precise matching, durable, no abnormal noise, and reduced wear and tear. It can meet the needs of the majority of users and enhance the market competitiveness of Schneck products, expand the coverage of product models, and help dealers and users to more accurately adapt models.

BYD061 (5)



Timing belt: 1.The first feature that sets our timing belts apart is their exceptionally long life and reliability. With compact construction and advanced manufacturing techniques, these belts are built to withstand the harshest conditions, delivering consistent performance day in and day out. Whether you need them for automotive, industrial or other applications, our timing belts are engineered to meet the highest quality standards

Gear train: The tensioner train is a belt tensioning device used in the automobile transmission system. It is mainly composed of a fixed housing, a tension arm, a wheel body, a torsion spring, a rolling bearing, and a spring bushing. , Automatically adjust the tension to make the transmission system stable, safe and reliable. The tensioner is a vulnerable part of automobiles and other spare parts. The belt is easy to be stretched after a long time. Some tensioners can automatically adjust the tension of the belt. In addition, with the tensioner, the belt runs more smoothly and the noise is small. , and can prevent slipping. The quality of our gear trains is stable, and the after-sales quality problems are less than 1% every year. With a large and complete supply chain system, a professional and complete after-sales team, the factory quality standard system completely follows the international standard.

Product parameters

Item Parameter
Internal coding BDY061
Product category Timing Belt Kit
Parts A26304/A66305,135SHP254
OEM FP01-12-700B,FS01-12-730A,BYD483QB1021013
Applicable model BYD F6/2.0L 2005-
Package size 280X140X55mm
Application mechanotransduction
Packing specification 28 pieces/box
Weight (KG) 0.8-1KG
Warranty period Two years or 80000 kilometers

Product information

Common components of the timing system: 1 timing belt, balance shaft belt; 2. timing tensioner, idler, balance shaft wheel and timing hydraulic buffer.

The timing system accurately realizes the timing opening and closing of the corresponding intake and exhaust valves by controlling the opening and closing timing of the valves, so that sufficient fresh air can enter. The main function of the timing belt is to drive the valve mechanism of the engine. The upper connection is the timing wheel of the engine cylinder head, and the lower connection is the timing wheel of the crankshaft, so that the intake valve and exhaust valve of the engine can be opened or closed at the appropriate time. To ensure that the engine cylinder can inhale and exhaust normally. The timing belt is a consumable item, and once the timing belt breaks, the camshaft will of course not run according to the timing. At this time, it is very likely that the valve will collide with the piston and cause serious damage. Therefore, the timing belt must be in accordance with the original factory. Specified mileage or time replacement.

Product details

BYD061 (2)

Timing tensioner: A26304

OE: FP01-12-700B

 scroll spring automatic timing tensioner, working principle: optimize the structure on the basis of mechanical tensioner. The scroll spring is used with the side plate to generate a constant torque, and the tension force is automatically supplemented while absorbing the span amplitude of the belt

Timing idler: A66305

OE: FS01-12-730A

Central hole fixed timing idler pulley: Its main function is to assist the tensioner and the belt, change the direction of the belt, and increase the containment angle of the belt and the pulley. The idler wheel in the engine timing transmission system can also be called the guide wheel.

BYD061 (3)
BYD061 (4)

Timing belt: 135SHP254

OE: BYD483QB1021013

 Tooth shape: SHP Width: 25.4mm Number of teeth: 135 Polymer rubber material (HNBR) is used. Its function is that when the engine is running, the stroke of the piston, the opening and closing of the valve, and the order of ignition are all timed under the connection of timing. Keep running in sync.

The timing belt is an important part of the engine's gas distribution system. It is connected with the crankshaft and matched with a certain transmission ratio to ensure the accuracy of the intake and exhaust timing. The timing belt is a rubber part. With the increase of the working time of the engine, the timing belt and the accessories of the timing belt, such as the timing belt tensioner, the timing belt tensioner and the water pump, etc. will be worn or aged. For engines with timing belts, manufacturers will have strict requirements to replace the timing belts and accessories regularly within the specified period.

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