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Applicable models: Buick Hideo GT (2010-2016) Displacement 1.6L/1.6T/1.8L Cruze 1.6/1.8L Chevrolet Cruze (J300 2009-2016)

The role of the timing kit: the timing kit is a complete package of components for car engine maintenance, to ensure that the timing drive system and engine can be in an ideal state after maintenance.

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Auto part Timing belt 146STP240 OE 55575247, 24422964

GM005 Timing Belt Set (2)

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The timing belt is an important part of the engine gas distribution system and a transmission component. The role of the timing belt is to ensure the accuracy of the intake and exhaust timing by connecting with the crankshaft and matching a certain transmission ratio.


1.Timing belt function: During the working process of the automobile engine, the four processes of air intake, compression, explosion and exhaust continuously occur in the cylinder, and the timing of each step is To coordinate with the movement state and position of the piston, the intake and exhaust and the lifting and lowering of the piston should be coordinated with each other, and the timing belt will transmit the power to the corresponding parts driven by the crankshaft.

2.Composition: polymer rubber (HNBR/CR), canvas (back cloth, tooth cloth), tension thread (glass fiber thread), aramid fiber

3.Specifications: circular arc teeth, tooth pitch (P) 8, tooth height (H1) 3

Auto part A23376 OE 55574864 Mechanical Eccentric Timing Tensioner

GM005 Timing Belt Set (3)

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A tensioner is a belt tensioning device used in an automotive drivetrain. Structure Tensioners are divided into accessory tensioners (generator belt tensioners, air conditioner belt tensioners, supercharger belt tensioners, etc.) and timing belt tensioners according to the location where they occur. The tensioner is mainly divided into mechanical automatic tensioner and hydraulic automatic tensioner according to the tensioning method.


1.The function of the tensioner: the tensioner is a belt tensioning device used in the automobile transmission system. The degree of tightness can be adjusted automatically to make the transmission system stable, safe and reliable.

2.Its working method is to rotate in the eccentric hole in the center position. Working principle: After the timing belt is inserted into the crankshaft gear plate and the camshaft gear plate, the locking bolt is pre-tightened 3-5 buckles, and then applied to the adjustment hole or noodle. Rotate the mandrel clockwise or counterclockwise with the eccentric hole as the center point to adjust the timing belt, then lock the bolt.

Hot Sale Auto Part Timing idler A63034OE 24436052

GM005 Timing Belt Set (4)

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The idler gear refers to the gear that plays a transmission role between two transmission gears that do not touch each other, and meshes with these two gears at the same time to change the direction of rotation of the driven gear to make it the same as the driving gear. Its role is to change the steering and not change the transmission ratio, called the idler

1.The role of the idler: most of the idler is located on the right, increasing the wrap angle of the belt, supporting the belt to reduce the span of the belt; the idler can be selected according to the rotation of the engine belt.

2.The main function of the idler is to change the steering of the driven wheel, increase the transmission distance, adjust the pressure angle, etc. The idler gear is a part of the gear train that plays a transitional role and will not change the transmission relationship. It is to make the force of the gear train more reasonable or to meet the layout of the entire transmission system. Its function is only to change the steering, but not to change the transmission ratio. The wheelbase can be extended through the idler gear. The number of its teeth has no effect on the value of the transmission ratio, but it will have an impact on the steering of the last wheel. It is a wheel that does not do work, has a certain energy storage function, and is helpful for system stability.

3.Main features of idlers :the idler is a wheel that does not do work, and has a certain energy storage effect, which is helpful for system stability. Idler gears are very common in machinery to help connect distant shafts. It just changes the steering and doesn't change the gear ratios.

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